Reestructuring Pack. Sacha Inchi


Used since ancient times by the natives of the Amazon, in Peru, for its high composition in fatty acids and for its vitamins A and E. Sacha inchi oil strengthens and restructures the skin, rebuilding it and protecting it from the aggression of external factors environmental. Its ultra-moisturizing action provides the skin with extraordinary softness and smoothness.

The combination of Aloe Vera and sacha inchi oil give the cream a high regeneration power. Indicated for all skin types and especially those with very dry, scaly and rough skin areas (elbows, knees, heels).

  1. facial | ref. 170480 | 100 ml e 3,5 Fl. Oz.
  2. body | ref. 170490 | 250 ml e 8,5 Fl. Oz.
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How to Use: Apply the facial cream in the morning and/or evening on the clean face, neck and décolleté, distributing evenly with a gentle massage until completely absorbed.

Apply the body cream with a massage all over the body.

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