Cosmo Treatment is a selection of high-end facial cosmetics, a flawless combination to guarantee an intense treatment for all skin types.

The collection is made up of the following treatments:
Lifting effect with active ingredients extracted from bee, cobra or blue scorpion venoms.
Regenerative and Anti-aging with plant stem cells, ganoderma, sacha inchi and canary dragon tree.
Antioxidants with concentrated red wine.
Many of these treatments are combined with their respective serums to achieve greater effectiveness.

SaleSerum Ultratensor. Blue ScorpionSerum Ultratensor. Blue Scorpion
SaleCrema Ultratensora. Blue ScorpionCrema Ultratensora. Blue Scorpion
SaleUltra-Tensor Pack. Blue ScorpionUltra-Tensor Pack. Blue Scorpion
SaleSerum Extratensor. Veneno de Cobra Real
SaleCrema Extratensora. Veneno de Cobra Real
SaleExtra-Tensor Pack. Cobra VenomExtra-Tensor Pack. Cobra Venom
SaleSerum Antioxidante. Spring of Wine
SaleCrema Antioxidante. Spring of Wine
SaleAnti-Oxidant Pack. Spring of WineAnti-Oxidant Pack. Spring of Wine
SaleSerum Antioxidante. Vino de Lanzarote
SaleCrema Antioxidante. Vino de Lanzarote
SaleAnti-Oxidant. Lanzarote WineAnti-Oxidant. Lanzarote Wine
SaleSkin Calming Enhancer Serum. GanodermaSkin Calming Enhancer Serum. Ganoderma
SaleSkin Calming Enhancer Treatment. GanodermaSkin Calming Enhancer Treatment. Ganoderma
SaleSkin Calming Enhancer Pack. GanodermaSkin Calming Enhancer Pack. Ganoderma
SaleRegenerative Serum. Drago Tree Sap
SaleCrema Regeneradora. Drago Canario
SaleRegenerative Pack. Drago Tree SapRegenerative Pack. Drago Tree Sap
SalePure Oil. Chia SeedsPure Oil. Chia Seeds

Pure Oil. Chia Seeds

SaleNutri-Relax Facial Cream. Chia Seeds
SaleNutri-Relax Pack. Chia SeedsNutri-Relax Pack. Chia Seeds
SaleReestructuring Facial Cream. Sacha InchiReestructuring Facial Cream. Sacha Inchi
SaleReestructuring Body Cream. Sacha InchiReestructuring Body Cream. Sacha Inchi
SaleReestructuring Pack. Sacha InchiReestructuring Pack. Sacha Inchi
SaleAnti-Aging Serum. Stem Cells | Q10 + Ácido Hialurónico
SaleRegenerative Anti-Aging Facial Cream. Stem CellsRegenerative Anti-Aging Facial Cream. Stem Cells
Sale24h Regenerative Facial Cream. Stem Cells24h Regenerative Facial Cream. Stem Cells
SaleSerum Antiedad Extratensor. Apitox Essence
SaleCrema Antiedad Extratensora. Apitox CreamCrema Antiedad Extratensora. Apitox Cream
SaleCrema Anti-Inflamatoria. Apitox Relax
SaleRegenerative Anti-Aging Pack. Stem CellsRegenerative Anti-Aging Pack. Stem Cells
SaleTensor Pack. ApitoxTensor Pack. Apitox

Tensor Pack. Apitox


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