Cosmo Basics are cosmetic specialties of high quality treatment and efficacy, for the improvement and treatment of our skin

SaleMoisturizing Cream with Azulene and Aloe Vera
SaleOat PackOat Pack

Oat Pack

SaleNourishing Cream with Soy, Cereals and AloeNourishing Cream with Soy, Cereals and Aloe
SaleHydro-Nourishing Cream. Rosehip and Vitamins
SaleRosehip, Aloe Vera & Cucumber Cream
Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Cream
SaleRosehip Oil 100%Rosehip Oil 100%

Rosehip Oil 100%

SaleShea Butter

Shea Butter

SaleCalendula and Aloe Vera Cream
SaleRevitalizing Cream. Aloe OxygenRevitalizing Cream. Aloe Oxygen
SaleArtisan Ointment. Aloe Vera and Calendula
SaleAzulene PackAzulene Pack

Azulene Pack

SaleArtisan Ointment. Aloe Vera

Artisan Ointment. Aloe Vera

Sale24h Regenerative Anti-Aging Cream. Tabaiba Dulce
SaleEye Contour Cream

Eye Contour Cream

SaleEye Contour Gel

Eye Contour Gel

SaleRegenerating Hand Cream

Regenerating Hand Cream

SaleFacial and Body Cream with Aloe VeraFacial and Body Cream with Aloe Vera
SaleFacial and Body Cream with Aloe Vera and RosehipFacial and Body Cream with Aloe Vera and Rosehip
SaleFoot Treatment Cream

Foot Treatment Cream

SaleHydro-Nourishing Cream. Soya and Vitamins
SaleHydro-Nourishing Cream. Canary Fashion
SalePeeling Facial Cream

Peeling Facial Cream

SaleDepigmenting Cream

Depigmenting Cream

SaleAloe and Cucumber Creamgel. Oily Skin Cream
SaleMoisturizing Face and Body Cream. Aloe Island
SaleAloe BIO Moisturizing Cream
SaleMoisturizing Cream. Day Cream SPF15
SaleNourishing Cream. Night Cream
SaleMoisturizing Body Emulsion

Moisturizing Body Emulsion

SaleLip Protector SPF 20. Aloe, Calendula and Pineapple
SaleLip Balm Aloe and Calendula. Strawberry Flavor

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