Cosmonatura trusts the quality of its products mainly to Aloe Vera juice, a natural ingredient with anti-inflammatory, emollient, immune-modulating, moisturizing, healing and anti-ulcer effect. It regenerates skin tissues in case of burns, whether they are accidental, sunburn, chemical burns, frostbites, etc. Likewise, it is suitable in fungal diseases and in case of acne, dark spots, eczema, psoriasis, etc. With vitamins A and E.

Cosmo Aloe contains our 100% natural Aloe Vera gels. It is extracted from fresh leaves of Aloe Vera Barbadensis Miller from the Canary Islands, considered one of the best aloes in the world. It has seals and recognitions of organic and ecological plantations.

Its gelled juice is used as a base and vitamins and natural active ingredients are added to enrich it. Additionally, aloin is removed in the process of rinsing and cleaning the core of the plant.

Sale100% Aloe Vera Gel100% Aloe Vera Gel

100% Aloe Vera Gel

Sale99,5% Aloe Vera BioGel99,5% Aloe Vera BioGel

99,5% Aloe Vera BioGel

Sale100% Aloe Vera Gel 30ml

100% Aloe Vera Gel 30ml

SaleNatural Aloe Vera GelNatural Aloe Vera Gel

Natural Aloe Vera Gel

Sale100% Aloe Vera Gel 400ml

100% Aloe Vera Gel 400ml

Sale100% Aloe Vera Gel 500ml

100% Aloe Vera Gel 500ml

Sale100% Aloe Vera Gel + Argán

100% Aloe Vera Gel + Argán

Sale100% Aloe Vera Gel + Rosehip
Sale100% Aloe Vera Gel 250ml

100% Aloe Vera Gel 250ml

Sale100% Aloe Vera Gel 250ml

100% Aloe Vera Gel 250ml

Sale100% Aloe Vera Juice100% Aloe Vera Juice

100% Aloe Vera Juice

SalePack Células Madre + AloePack Células Madre + Aloe

Pack Células Madre + Aloe


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