The snail extract or helix aspersa has regenerative and healing properties. High content of mineral salts, collagen, glycolic acid, elastin, allantoin and vitamins. Reduces blemishes, stretch marks, wrinkles, lines around the eyes, cases of seborrhea and acne. It also conceals burns and small cuts produced on the skin. The Aloe Vera juice is emollient and regenerating and rosehip oil that helps to activate cell metabolism. Babaloe presents a cosmetic range that enhances the defense mechanisms of skin and hair, achieving in health and care.

SaleHelix Aspersa. Purified Snail Extract
SaleHands and Nails Cream

Hands and Nails Cream

SaleFacial and Body Anti-Wrinkles GelFacial and Body Anti-Wrinkles Gel
Sale24h Anti-Aging Facial Cream

24h Anti-Aging Facial Cream

Sale24h Anti-Aging Cream Simbiosis24h Anti-Aging Cream Simbiosis
SaleAnti-Wrinkles Cream SimbiosisAnti-Wrinkles Cream Simbiosis
SaleExfoliating Cream

Exfoliating Cream

SaleRegenerating Body Cream

Regenerating Body Cream

SaleAnti-Cellulite Gel

Anti-Cellulite Gel

SaleFrequent Use ShampooFrequent Use Shampoo

Frequent Use Shampoo

SaleRegenerating Bath GelRegenerating Bath Gel

Regenerating Bath Gel


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