Aloe Body SPA is a cosmetic treatment line designed for professional use in the cubicle, also with adapted formats for individual use.

Formulated with Aloe Vera, ginkgo biloba, kaolin, citrus extract, red fruits and natural extracts that clean, refresh and act as skin’s anti-oxidants.

A cosmetic that pampers your skin in the most natural way.

SaleBiofango. Facial MaskBiofango. Facial Mask

Biofango. Facial Mask

SaleMicellar Water with Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel
SaleFacial Cleansing Gel with Ginkgo BilobaFacial Cleansing Gel with Ginkgo Biloba
SaleRegenerating Facial Gel with Ginkgo BilobaRegenerating Facial Gel with Ginkgo Biloba
SaleAntioxidant Facial Cream  with Aloe and Red FruitsAntioxidant Facial Cream  with Aloe and Red Fruits
SaleFacial Mask with Aloe and Citrus

Facial Mask with Aloe and Citrus

SaleFacial Scrub with Aloe and Red FruitsFacial Scrub with Aloe and Red Fruits
SaleThermal Body Anti-CelluliteThermal Body Anti-Cellulite

Thermal Body Anti-Cellulite

SaleAromatherapy Massage Firming Cream
SalePost-Depilation Retardant Cream
SaleSPA PackSPA Pack

SPA Pack


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